Lorena Mondonico, the founder of Life Massage, is the main therapist. She is a member of the IFPA and RQA. Lorena offers Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Meridian Massage, Remedial and Sport Injury Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage (also beneficial for people with cancer), Indian Head Massage and Reiki.

She mixes the above techniques together for a more holistic approach, always tailored to clients’ specific needs.  The above therapies can also be offered separately or in any combination, if requested.

Lorena specialises in both clinical and oriental diagnosis.

Lorena is a highly skilled, professional individual,  able to tackle effectively any sort of muscular ache and pain, especially back and neck pain and sciatica. Her treatments help lower stress levels and relieve conditions associated with stress, such as headaches, insomnia, overthinking, irritability, depression.

From any of  the therapists contracted by Life Massage, you are always guaranteed to receive a professional, skilled service to help you achieve the ultimate well being.